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Fosenkaia is the base of Kystlaget Trondheim, an organization which was founded in 1989 to safeguard the coastal culture in Trondheim. Kystlaget has over 350 members and is affiliated with the Association COAST.

Fosenkaia was a former hub of boat traffic to Fosen, Innherred and islands off Trondelag. Today Fosenkaia is the harbor for veteran boats and traditional boats of Kystlaget Trondheim. Coastal Team members safeguard and convey our rich culture through organizing meetings, seminars and conferences, maintain and renovate veteran vessels, sailing traditional boats and by continuing the traditional craft activities. Several of the ships by Fosenkaia have the status of protected ships in "Riksantikvaren". Maintenance and restoration of vessels takes place tightly around the café area and provides guests with a unique and authentic experience of "being on the dock" and taking part of a marine environment. Here you can smell the tar, study boats, see and hear the old boat engines, and be able to chat with Coastal Association members over a cup of coffee.


A yellow boat shed on Fosenkaia

Only 100 meters from the central train station lies a yellow boat shed which during the summer is transformed into a café, bar and concert venue with exceptional character.


On sunny days you can enjoy outstanding food and drink on our large outdoor seating which offers a lot of hours in the sun. You hear the sea gulls in the distance and get to enjoy the view of some of the oldest wooden boats in Trondheim.

The inside of our boat shed is as stunning as the outside with wooden boats hanging from the ceiling. This is where we offer you great concerts of all music genres every weekend and other cultural experiences throughout the week. 

On Sundays, Kafé Skuret is the perfect place to end your walk along the fjord as we serve coffee and waffles all day long. Our boat shed offers you an oppertunity to experience the magical Norwegian cottage atmosphere right in town. 

If you are located in the city center our "Fløittmann" will row from Ravnkloa and across the canal, to Fosenkaia, where you have something wonderful in store regardless of whether Trondheim offers us sunshine or pouring rain.

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